The European Radiation Research Society

The Bacq and Alexander Award

Since 1996 the ERRS presents, yearly, the Bacq and Alexander award to an outstanding European researcher to recognise the achivements of the awardee in the field of radiation research. The award is presented during the annual meeting of the Society. You can find more information about the Awardees here, or click on the link next to the Awardees name.

                                                The awardees are:

1996: Christian Streffer (Germany) - more info

1997: Jean René Maisin (Belgium) - more info

1998: G.W. Barendsen (the Netherlands) - more info

1999: Johan Broerse (the Netherlands) - more info

2000: John Hopewell (United Kingdom) - more info

2001: Dudley Goodhead (United Kingdom) - more info

2002: Albert van der Kogel (the Netherlands) - more info

2003: B. Michael (United Kingdom)

2004: A.T. Natarajan (the Netherlands) - more info

2005: John R.K. Savage (United Kingdom) - more info

2006: Gerhard Kraft (Germany) - more info

2007: Iza Szumiel (Poland)- more info

2008: Eric Wright (United Kingdom) - more info

2009: Sisko Salomaa (Finland) - more info

2010: Jolyon Hendry (United Kingdom) - more info

2011: Peny Jeggo (United Kingdom) - more info

2012: Mats Harms-Ringdahl (Sweden) - more info

2013: Marco Durante (Italy/Germany) - more info

2014: Fiona Stewart (United Kingdom/Netherlands) - more info

2015: Rob P. Coppes (Netherlands) -  more info

2016: George Iliakis (Germany) -  more info

2017: Catharine West (UK) -  more info

2018: Kevin M. Prise (UK) -  more info

2019: Markus Löbrich (Germany) -  more info

2020: Gabriel Pantelias (Greece) -  more info

2021: Mike Atkinson (Germany) -  more info


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